Slurry Seal - A New Method of Practical Pavement Maintenance

Versatile Slurry Seal, A New Bituminous Maintenance Tool

Measurement and Control of Consistency in Slurry Seals

Introduction to a Study for the Prediction and Maintenance of Slurry Seal Spread Rates

Uses of Slurry Seal in the Resoration of Asphalt Pavement Surfaces

A Progress Report on a Study of Durability and Skid Resistance of Slurry Seals for Ohio Highways

Precision Limits of Slurry Seal Asphalt Contents...A Decade of Experience

A Short Course in Pavement Fundamentals or Why You Should Seal your Bituminous Pavements

Slurry Seal Systems for Pavement Conservation

An Introduction to Elements and Uses of Slurry Seal Systems

Towards Performance Classifications of Slurry Seal Systems

Experiments with Cured Cohesion Testing of Slurry Seals and Thin Layered Cold Mixes

Laboratory Tests and Testing Trends for Slurry Seal and Cold Overlay Design and Research; A State-of-the-Art Report

Coldmac and Slurry Mix Design and Properties to Meet the Objectives of Surface Treatments

Properties of Slurry Seal and Cold Mac to Meet Design Objectives

An Approach to the Design of Fodless Slurry Mixes for Heavy Aircraft Effects of Fillers

Optimization of Performance Slurry Seal and Microasphalt Systems

Slurry Seal Design for: Highway and Residential Use, Using ISSA Type 2 Vulcan Blast Furnace Slag and Vulcan Coslh Emulsified Asphalt

When and Where to Use Polymac Microsurfacing