Known as the expert of emulsion in the slurry seal and microsurfacing industry, Robert ‘Ben’ Benedict was a research guru, outstanding chemist, and kind-hearted gentleman. Ben’s perfectionistic testing techniques and results gave him a monumental status among ISSA members and colleagues throughout the United States and Europe. Ben was named the first Technical Director of the ISSA due to his contributions to the reliability and performance of slurry seal around the globe.




Benedict Slurry Seal began its first year of operation. Met with lots of competition, Ben raised the bar and aimed to make better products than his competitors. He accomplished that because of his unique position: a scientist among many contractors.


Ben wrote his first (recorded) research paper. This would begin Ben's long career of writing expert papers on asphalt emulsion, mix designs, aggregates, pavement preservation, pavement performance, and bitumen.


Melvin Bergkamp starts working with Ben. Melvin commented that Ben was very deep into his laboratory work and research at this point. Their friendship extended many years and conceived of a remarkable business relationship among their families.


Ben completed his library of work. He wrote his last (recorded) research paper. "Ahead of his time," as Bruce Benedict commented, Ben is the reason the industry is where it's at today. Ben built a foundation that will last for years to come.


Ben passes away. His legacy lives on through his intense research still used today. Friends and colleagues remember him as "the most passionate guy at slurry and micro I have ever seen in my life," an outstanding chemist, and a fine man.


Bergkamp Inc. purchases Benedict Slurry Seal. Here at Bergkamp, we intend to preserve and honor the work Ben and Bruce put into the industry. Benedict Slurry by Bergkamp equipment can be purchased directly through Bergkamp. Click here for more info.

After letting Bruce, Ben’s son, take over the contracting side of the business, Ben turned his efforts toward laboratory research. Though his lab was small and simple, his research was foundational in making slurry seal and microsurfacing a reliable pavement preservation treatment for the past 40+ years. He enhanced existing industry and non-industry tests, and also created his own. His driven passion for the quality of the product led him to design the Loaded Wheel Tester (LWT) and the Cohesive Tester, bring Ralumac to the United States, and ultimately bring credibility to slurry seal.


Bergkamp Inc. respects the advances made by Benedict Slurry Seal since 1968 and will honor that legacy by making its leading-edge professional laboratory products available through Bergkamp. Please visit our webpage to view the latest in Benedict Slurry Seal laboratory equipment to produce quality mix designs for successful slurry seal and micro surfacing.